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Registration for our Spring 2020 - ONLINE classes is now OPEN!

Please read our policies for online classes...

TUITION RATES: for our online classes is $150 per family ($155 if paying online). If you have more than one child, please register all your children - the system should charge you for the first and $0 for any others (if this doesn't work, don't pay online - send me an email and we'll work it out). Tuition includes one CD, an illustrated song-collection songbook with a download code for the music, a bonus pre-recorded class from your teacher, and access to a bunch of new material for at-home musical engagement from Music Together Worldwide.

CLASS ZOOM CODES:  ...are for use by registered families only. We will be counting on our attendance lists to help us expect and greet the children registered for our classes (we're all new to Zoom and need all the help we can get!). If you would like family or friends from outside of our area to join the fun, please have them register! This is a great place for cousins in other states, college friends' kids in other towns, and others to enjoy some time together. After class, you can set up your own Zoom play-dates and incorporate shared music experiences! If grandparents would like to participate in a class or two, wonderful - but please not every class... in Zoom, we want to focus on the faces of the children and it will be easier to do so if there aren't too many "Brady-boxes" open.

LATE STARTS AND PRO-RATES:  The answer is YES! Come and join the fun! The registration system automatically pro-rates for families beginning after our start date(s). We'll be happy to see you when we see you!

PAYMENT METHODS:   You may pay by check or by credit card online. Once we receive your payment, you will be mailed your songbook, CD and the Zoom code for the class you signed up for. Please make checks or money order payable to Mystic Valley Music Together and mail to:  Mystic Valley Music Together, 9 Oak Knoll Road, Lincoln, MA 01773.

REFUND POLICY:   No refunds will be given after the first class. There is a $50 (per family) non-refundable administrative fee included in the tuition.  If you decide not to continue with the class and have received a songbook and CDs they must be returned but must be unopened (plastic still on) or you may pay an additional materials fee.

MAKE UPS:  If you miss your scheduled class, please sing up for a make-up class (look for "Make-up Scheduler" on the menu bar above) and we'll send you a code for one of the other classes.

WEATHER CANCELLATIONS:  HA! Our whole in-person session is cancelled due to COVID-19. And, it doesn't matter what the weather is doing - we're all safe at home. BUT, there may be technical glitches. If these occur and the class cannot continue at it's scheduled time, well figure out another date and time to make-up the class.

EXTRAS! If you've hung on this long, there's one more thing! If you join our Mystic Valley Music Together Families Facebook group (group, not page), you will find all sorts of extra mini-sessions with the MVMT teachers! Plus additional fun videos from time to time!