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Music Together Online

There is no question... live, in-person musical experiences are the most effective way to support children's musical development. Studies have shown this time and again. For now, challenging times call for creative solutions. Covid-19 sequestration has left families without in-person options for... anything, really.

Music Together Worldwide has created the opportunity for us to offer online classes to serve our families while we must remain apart. We still expect families to engage in our online experiences TOGETHER... children and adults!

Canta y Baila Conmigo Online

Everything you love about Music Together... in SPANISH!

Canta y Baila is a newer music program that features a deep commitment to offering rich musical experiences within a Spanish cultural and language immersion framework. Music Together is working with Canta y Baila - so there's all the developmentally appropriate foundations of music development that Music Together offers - en Espanol! Two great things made better together